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Single-use becomes circular

Single-use technology offers many benefits for the (bio)pharmaceutical industry, but the fact that the components and assemblies can be used one time also creates a lot of waste. This definitely has our attention, especially now that the world is facing enormous climate challenges and the Netherlands has to be fully circular in the year 2050. Therefore, Hitma in collaboration with different partners is looking into how single-use components and systems can become circular and how the links in the chain can handle materials smarter and more sustainable.

Waste becomes material
The pharmaceutical industry deals with enormous plastic waste streams, of which the waste of our plastic product lines. Once in the waste stream, these materials are often burned (sometimes even together with household waste).

At Hitma we are convinced that the waste from our products is valuable material that can serve as raw material for other products. It is therefore a waste to let these materials go up in smoke.

Building up a network
Hitma is taking steps right now, but we cannot do this alone. We are firmly convinced that our single-use assortment will eventually become circular. To reach this goal, we are building a network of like-minded people. We invite professionals from the pharmaceutical industry, developers of single-use products, students, scientists, waste processors, industrial designers, startups, etc. to take on this challenge with us. Interested? Then get into contact with Rick Nibte.

Help with our research!
Research shows that a lot of single-use material is thrown away unused, because it is past the expiration date. We will focus on this material first. We are very curious about the opinion of the pharmaceutical industry in the Netherlands and Belgium about our circularity plans and have therefore set up a small survey.

Want to share your opinion with us? Then answer our 5 questions. Of course we will handle your data confidentially.

Our circular partners

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