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What is the added value of standardisation and inventory management of single-use assemblies?

Benefits standardisation

By standardising your single-use assemblies you avoid facing unexpected consequences when upscaling. For example, you prevent validations from new or other components from suppliers.

Shortening delivery times and delivery guarantees
Standardisation can also help in keeping delivery times manageable. Products that are often used will be produced more often than custom-made components. Another example is the choice between using standard sizes or coming up with new dimensions for each process.

Making assembled products more complex can influence the delivery time. On top of this we also keep components that are often used in stock, specifically meant for quickly creating assemblies. Choosing for standardised components makes for a significantly lower delivery time. This offers the most benefits for acute requests, since the assembly can only be made once all the components are in.

Thinking about possible upscaling in the first design process can prevent issues in the future.

Besides that it can be beneficial to standardise based on the (product contact) material of the components. This is advantageous when validating during the production process. After all, two unique flasks from different materials gives more headaches than two flasks of the same material.

Choose single-use technology for all process stages

It is generally known that choices for single-use technology that are made early in the process can later, when you are upscaling, have big consequences.

From lab to production
If at the start the topic of single-use technology is not well thought out, it can have bothersome (economical) consequences and negatively impact the speed of the development process.

To have all steps from the research phase up to laboratory scale and to the upscaling of production proceed smoothly and avoid delays, it is important that you start thinking about the single-use products that you are going to use. Ultimately, the upscale steps have to seamlessly connect to this.

We think along with you
Imagine if when upscaling it turns out that the materials that you used in the lab are not available in larger sizes! If you then have to change to different single-use materials, you have to validate again and lose a lot of precious time. Worst case scenario you even have to find a different supplier and audits will have to take place again. To avoid these pitfalls, our specialists would like to think along with you.

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