Hitma Single Use

Not yet convinced, but interested in single-use assemblies?

For testing the optimal effectiveness of single-use assemblies within your production process we offer the possibility for prototyping.

Prototyping of single-use assemblies

The purchase and delivery of new assemblies is for both you as the customer and for us as the supplier/producer a labour-intensive process. The design, monitoring and quality-assurance takes a lot of time

Try it first
It is efficient to first check the working and suitability of an assembly, before the administrative purchase process starts. Therefore we offer you the opportunity to try a number of prototypes beforehand. Together with our design-engineers you can assemble these prototypes and test them before making a definitive production order.

At Hitma we have a great inventory of single-use components and samples to choose from. This way you can directly experience which assembly works the best for you

Testing prototype in laboratory

our laboratory in Uithoorn we have a test set-up available with different pumps and instrumentation. Here you can measure for your single-use assemblies the pressure, flow, UV and conductivity with our Pendotech equipment. For pump applications you can use a traditional peristaltic pump or our Quattroflow-diaphragm pump. This way you can try the single-use assembly directly in an automated system in practice.

Want to know more about custom-made single-use solutions for your production process?

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Questions about prototyping single-use assemblies




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