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What to expect

Single use-products are being used more and more often in the (bio)pharmaceutical industry and other ultrapure processes. With single-use technology, you can lower your costs, reduce risks and save time. We like to think along with you when it comes to using the right single-use technology in your sanitary process. Our approach is always customised, because there is no such thing as a standard single-use application. We are an integrator, specialized in single use assemblies for USP, DSP en final filling applications.

Fast, comprehensive and reliable
Hitma can provide you with a complete package of disposable products for ultrapure applications. Added to that, our specialists can provide you with all the necessary support (validation, certificates, documentation, cleanroom activities, etc.). Because we supply a large proportion of our components and standard single-use assemblies directly from stock, you can count on short delivery times. Needless to say, all of our single-use products have been tested for leakage, integrity and safe and reliable operation.

Our professional specialists would be happy to help you choose the most high-quality and economical solution.

Single-use technology is becoming more and more important in response to the trend of simplifying upstream and downstream processes and the need to prevent cross-contamination. Quality plays a major role in this. We work closely together with our suppliers to safeguard this quality and availability. In addition, we have a cleanroom and service space in which we can assemble single-use systems according to your specifications. 

Advice from specialists
Besides our package of tubing, fittings, connectors and single-use systems, we can also supply you with complete single-use assemblies, filter capsules, plastic hose adapters, hose welders and sealers, sanitary seals and single-use pressure sensors. Our professional specialists would be happy to help you choose the most high-quality and economical solution.

What we can offer you:

  •   knowledge & experience under one roof
  •   expert advice
  •   quality products
  •   plug & play products and assemblies
  •   short communication lines
  •   an independent partner

We also offer:

  •   validation training and supervision
  •   certificates
  •   plant surveys
  •   customer-oriented and application-oriented solutions
  •   samples
  •   technical and operational advice

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