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Single-use solutions becoming more and more common in the food industry

“12 of the 40 biggest food companies in the world have an ‘important branch’ or research centre in the Netherlands,” according to Topteam Agro&Food.

The Dutch Government has designated the sector as one of the nine top sectors in the country; after all, the sector accounts for around 10 percent of GDP and almost 20 percent of exports. Compared to Denmark, Germany, France, Italy, Poland, Spain and the United Kingdom, the Dutch food industry is in a relatively strong position in terms of research and development.

Single-use systems are ideal in an innovative sector such as the food industry.

Sharing knowledge and collaborating
The food industry is also an important manufacturing sector in Belgium. Moreover, the food industry is linked to countless other economic areas, such as the pharmaceutical sector and the chemical industry. In Flanders, a competency pool for the Belgian food industry has been set up: Flanders' FOOD. This is a central knowledge centre that companies in the sector can call upon for help with innovation.

Efficient processes and cost reduction
The food industry is therefore in a strong position as far as collaborating on innovation is concerned. The focus here is often on efficient production processes and cost reduction. Truly pioneering innovations usually originate with a small group of companies: startups and multinationals. Single-use systems are ideal in an innovative sector such as the food industry. Take single-use sample-taking systems, for example. Not all process technologists are aware of it yet, but single-use solutions are becoming more and more common in sterile processes in the food industry.

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