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2020-05-01 14:13:00

Does new pump technology help speed up development corona vaccine

Average reading time 3 minutes By on 1 May 2020

Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, we have ended up in a remarkably bizarre world. With strict restrictions from the government and impressive work from the health care sector, we are trying to control the spread of the virus and cure as many patients as possible. At the same time the pharmaceutical industry is giving their all to develop a vaccine that will protect us against covid-19. Technological innovations, like a new type of membrane pump for (bio)pharmaceutical processes, can help with this.

Long lasting and expensive trajectory
The research to find a working vaccine and the entire trajectory from laboratory- and pilot scale to production is a long lasting and expensive process. Everything that can help the pharmaceutical industry to speed up this process and keep the costs controllable is welcome.

New type membrane pump comes just in time
The new type Quattroflow QF2500 quaternary diaphragm pump that has been introduced for critical usage in the (bio)pharmaceutical industry, like TFF-filtration, chromatography, virus filtration and sterile filtration, could not been introduced at a better time. Looking at the purchase price and flowreach, this membrane pump complies with the specifications from pharmaceuticals. But, because of the capability to quickly and easily change the single-use pump head (no cleaning-in-place (CIP) and sterilization-in-place (SIP) needed) this pump is capable of attributing to a faster development of the much needed corona vaccine.

Soft displacement of liquids
To maintain the safety, efficiency and pureness of biological liquids and guarantee the accuracy that these applications require, a ‘soft’ displacement of these liquids is needed. In contrast to other pumps, the Quattroflow QF2500 quaternary diaphragm pump has no mechanical shaft seal, almost no pulsation and no rotary parts. Because of this, the pharmaceutical product stays intact. The design improvements, like a new pump chamber, offer an automatic draw-off ability of the liquid (or vaccine), which ensures that it isn’t lost. Moreover, the pump principle of risk-free emptying makes self-suction and minimal particle production possible. With models for single- and multiple use, Quattroflow has a pump that fulfils every application possibility.

Speeding up the process
How fast the corona vaccine will become available depends on a lot of factors. I hope that this innovative pump technology can play a role in speeding up this process.

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