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2022-04-26 13:25:00

Merger ESI Benelux B.V. with Hitma UltraPure B.V.

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As of October 1, 2022, Hitma and ESI Benelux will continue as one company within the single-use branch of Hitma UltraPure B.V. As a result of the merger, (bio)pharmaceutical companies can from that date turn to one supplier for a very wide range of single-use products and assemblies. After the merger, the collaboration with all suppliers of both companies will be continued from the Hitma building in Uithoorn. The specialists from ESI Benelux are making the switch to the Hitma team.

ESI Benelux and Hitma UltraPure B.V. are sister companies within the Indutrade-Holding. Formerly the focus of both companies were the sale of single-use components and the exclusive representation of brands.

Now that the demand from the pharmaceutical industry has shifted from components to complete single-use assemblies, we aim to combine our strengths. Because of this starting 1st of October 2022 you can contact one supplier for a wide range of single-use products and assemblies; the complete assortment of single-use products and assemblies that you at this time purchase from ESI Benelux, plus all single-use product lines from Hitma UltraPure. We will continue our collaboration with all our suppliers. Just as ESI, Hitma is ISO9001:2015 certified.

For assembling the single-use assemblies, we continue our collaboration with assembly company UltraPure International. UltraPure International B.V. is an ISO9001:2015 certified manufacturing organization, focused on the assembly of custom-made assemblies and custom packaging.

After the 1st of October, our organization will continue under the name of Hitma UltraPure B.V.

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