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Assembly of single-use systems in cleanroom

In the cleanrooms located beside our office building in Uithoorn, we build single-use assemblies under cleanroom conditions that are deployed in ultrapure processes in the (bio)pharmaceutical sector, pharmacies, high-tech and the food industry, among other things.

Collaboration with UltraPure International
For the assembly of single-use systems, we work together with UltraPure International. In their cleanroom (ISO Class 7), they perform the following assembly activities:

  • Shortening single-use hoses to the desired length
  • Sealing single-use hoses
  • Welding single-use hoses
  • Making single-use assemblies with single-use hoses / tubing, connectors, bags, filters
  • Assembling caps on bottles with other single-use components

The single-use assemblies can be double-packed and irradiated externally. UltraPure International’s cleanroom employees are authorised for all of these tasks by the manufacturers of the components being used.

Single-use assemblies supplied with certificatesThere are many possible combinations of fittings and custom-made single-use hoses / tubing. They are rinsed and tested before delivery. The assemblies are supplied with a product and pressure test certificate and comply with CE marking. In UltraPure International’s cleanrooms, we can test the most ideal single-use solution for customers and we can also develop prototypes for single-use assemblies.

Like to know more about building single-use assemblies? 
Would you like to find out more about the assembly tasks that we can perform for you in collaboration with UltraPure International? Then contact us on (+31(0)297-514714, or at 

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