Hitma Single Use

From request to delivery of single-use assemblies in 5 steps

Step 1

Request for the single-use assembly

At the first step you will have a conversation with our engineers to research which solutions are possible for your specific production process. On top of this, during this phase we will also look into possibilities for standardisation.

We operate brand-independently and therefore will never push to use or not use certain components.

Your application and prefferences is 100% our priority.

Step 2

Design process based on your wishes

From the preceding conversations follow a number of sketches that after agreement are turned into official designs. This process works in tandem with the assembly-company UltraPure International (which is also established in Uithoorn, just like Hitma).

You are welcome to come visit us to produce and check prototypes. This way the designs become clearer and tangible. After this follows an evaluation. Potential adjustments can easily (and without any costs) be applied.

Step 3

Selection of components

After an agreement about the design we set up a competitive quotation. Here we like to think along with you to come to a good pricepoint. After agreement the orders can be placed.

When an order comes in, it will be directly processed. Here we look at the current inventory of components and if parts need to be bought in. Afterwards the assembly will be taken up into the planning of the cleanroom from UltraPure international.

Step 4

Start production by UltraPure International

The assemblies are produced by professionally trained operators in a 100m2 ISO cleanroom (class 7) environment at UltraPure International. After production all articles are approved by our quality control colleagues, based on the signed designs.

Afterwards the assemblies are irradiated or sterilised. Other bioburden-reduction options are also possible in consultation. Meanwhile, the full CoC-file is being set up.

Step 5

Delivery assemblies

Finally, the single-use assemblies are delivered. They are directly ready for usage. Of course, we are also very curious to your experiences. Therefore we will always contact you afterwards.

Want to know more about custom-made single-use solutions for your production process?

Feel free to contact us

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