Hitma Single Use

Custom-built single-use assemblies for the biopharmacy and life science industry

What is a single-use assembly?

A single-use assembly is a ready-to-use custom-made all-in-one solution made from different plastic components that are assembled into one whole, based on a customer-specific design.

Assemble yourself or ready-to-use?
Companies in the (bio)pharmacy and life science industry sometimes assemble their own single-use process systems. This of course has to happen securely. If the connection between components is not made correctly, it can lead to cross-contamination or leakage. Through this the safety and quality of the end-product could be in danger, and the production process could be delayed.

Seeing how delays and lost batches are extremely costly, an optimal and 100% safe production process is an absolute must.

To eliminate risks with assemblies and guarantee production-security, ready-to-use single-use assemblies offer the solution.

7 benefits of ready-to-use single-use assemblies

  • Shorten working time and thus cost reduction
  • Less risks of cross-contamination and leakage
  • Less production downtime through shorter cleaning time
  • Saving on water- and energy costs
  • Improvement of production process through quality guarantee and documentation control
  • Higher efficiency throughout the entire production process
  • Ensuring of the complete supply chain

Want to know more about custom-made single-use solutions for your production process?

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